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Below are the points of contact by department.
Please direct your inquiries to the 
personnel. If you need further assistance, or do not see the person you are trying to reach, please use the following:

P: (702) 865-2787


Tribal Chairwoman

Laura Parry


Tribal Administrator

Sharol McDade


Executive Assistant

Allison White



Kami Miller




Human Resources


Moapa Tribal Police Department


Tribal Court Clerk


Moapa Indian Housing Authority


Social Services

Debrah Rocco


Enrollment Eligibility


Vocational Rehabilitation Director

Ashly Osborne


Cultural Manager

Shanan Anderson

(702)865-2787 ext. 91


Darren Daboda

(702)865-2787 ext. 92

Business Enterprises


Director of Business Enterprises


Administrative Assistant

Shannen Cooper-Beens


IT Department

Lorenzo Valenzuela


Travel Plaza

General Manager

(702)864-2600 ext.222

Assistant Manager (days)

Jimmy Villa


Assistant Manager (swing)

Whitney Whitfield


Receiving Clerk


Arts / Crafts Manager

Michelle Wendig


Gaming Commissioner

Brandy Bravo-Tom


Gaming Manager

Shirley Anderson


Assistant Gaming Manager

Amber Simmons


Security Supervisor

Christyan Espinoza


Other Contacts

HeadStart Center


Irene Benn Medical Center


Moapa Vocational Rehab


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